Bonner Roofing, LLC.

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Our Mission



Bonner Roofing, LLC’s mission has been to provide superior commercial roofing, decking, sheet metal and emergency repair services at competitive prices while maintaining the highest level of ethical standards in the roofing industry. Today, Bonner, Roofing LLC stands as a fully diversified company offering services in roofing, decking, and sheet metal installations of all types. The primary focus at Bonner Roofing, LLC will always be to satisfy our client’s needs, and to develop those relationships. 


Long-term relationshipsBonner Roofing, LLC specializes in handling the unique and challenging situations commonplace within industrial, commercial and institutional settings. Bonner Roofing, LLC installs new and retrofit roofing systems of all kinds, including fabrication with state of the art equipment and skilled technicians. From new construction to a small leak, we are confident in the ability of our employees to solve whatever problem or emergency you may be experiencing. Bonner Roofing, LLC provides commercial roofing, decking, sheet metal and repair services for our client’s needs all over the United States.

Core Values

Company Core Values were embedded in owner Fred Bonner Jr. as well as his knowledge of the roofing industry through the oversight of his father Fred Bonner Sr. His Father passed down the core values for all Bonner Companies that are currently established. These values include:


  • Reputation is Everything
  • Reputation is Everything!
  • Client-Focused Services
  • Excellent Project Execution, based upon Established Procedures and Protocol
  • Immediate Responsiveness
  • Integrity and Honesty
  • Community Involvement

Community Outreach

Bonner Roofing, LLC has a strong foundation of faith and community involvement striving to make a difference in the world around us. Since our inception, Bonner Roofing, LLC actively promotes giving back to the community, a belief nurtured by our founding principles. It is our duty to reciprocate the goodwill of our clients and business associates.


There are several opportunities that Bonner Roofing, LLC employees are involved in that gives back. Throughout the Southeast, Bonner Roofing, LLC supports many charitable endeavors that support a major underlying meaning: social responsibility.


Our Safety & Risk Management Program undergoes constant refinement, as we turn the latest safety innovations into advancements in policy and procedures. This proactive approach incorporates regular improvement, clear expectations and accurate assessments of progress.


The foundation of our safety system is training, which leads to responsible actions and educated decisions. Personal safety skills are taught in workshops and classes and is consistently reinforced at all levels.


  • Site-Specific Safety Program: A custom plan addressed in the oientation for a project. Every employee receives this training.
  • Hazard Recognition: Weekly safety audits conducted by the site superintendent that promote personnel involvement and provide a forum to discuss techniques or explore alternatives.
  • Tool Box Safety Meetings: Weekly to Daily meetings conducted by field supervisors to address specific topics or concerns.