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Orlando International Airport

Orlando International Airport

Orlando International Airport (OIA) was heavily damaged during Hurricane Charlie in 2004. Several sections of the roof were blown off and exposed the roof deck. This caused large amounts of water to enter the building. Fred Bonner, Jr. was one of the executive team members tasked with an immediate response to make temporary repairs to the roof in order to keep the OIA open for air traffic. This response required a 24 hour response. With over a 100 man crew, this response was successful to mitigate the damages and keep the OIA open.

After the emergency response was completed, the OIA received a new roofing system. This system was installed under the directions of Fred Bonner, Jr. and his staff. The project lasted 9 months and was valued at over 20 million. While the challenges of this type of project were vast, Fred Bonner, Jr. executed the proper coordination and team management skills and this project was completed on time and within budget.

Orlando International Airport Orlando International Airport


Georgia Power Electric Plant

Bonner Roofing has clearance and the approval rating to work in the most extreme conditions. We are an Approved Georgia Power Contractor and install roofs on Power Plants. This type of project requires the highest clearance for companies and employees. Power Plant construction requires planning and daily monitoring of the project. The job requires only the most positive approach to the project to ensure no down time of the plant.

NASA Vertical Assemble Building


NASA Vertical Assemble Building (VAB) was one of many projects that Fred Bonner, Jr. was part of the roofing process. The VAB Building is 526’ tall and require unique roofing practices to remove the old roof and install the new roof. Mr. Bonner was part of the bidding and design process for the roofing process. Mr. Bonner was one of a very short list of roofing Contractors selected to be part of this process.

Charleston, SC Mall