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Green Roof Systems

Green roofs are becoming more popular. More companies are realizing the financial benefits of a green roof, as well as the positive image a green roof projects.

Bonner Roofing is your complete green roof solution head quarters. As one of the leading green roof contractor, we’ve installed and maintained many green roof projects. From start to finish our roof experts will ensure that your green roof is the best.

Vegetative Roofing or “Green Roofs” are composed of several layers including soil media and vegetation. These roofs are growing in popularity, especially as the concern with global warming has reached all levels of government and business. Many municipalities provide tax benefits for builders that construct or retrofit their buildings with vegetative roofs.


Photovoltaic Roof Systems

Bonner Roofing’s experienced solar technicians provides single-source development, finance and installation of solar facilities customized to meet your needs. We work directly with leading photovoltaic manufacturers to design and build the most cost-efficient roof, and canopy mounted solar PV solutions.

PVC & Single Ply Roofing

PVC’s hot-air welded seams make it extremely durable in all weather conditions. If you live in a region prone to strong winds, a PVC roof will offer superior protection against wind uplift. Numerous in-service membranes have survived Category 4 hurricanes. Moreover, PVC roofing membranes are highly resistant to fire.

PVC roof’s exceptional durability translates into a very long service life. A properly installed PVC membrane can last well over 20 years.


Your PVC roof will require very little maintenance throughout its long service life. Typical maintenance will consist of cleaning up of any dirt and debris. Moreover, because your PVC membrane will remain flexible throughout its service life, it will be easy to put in a skylight, any new structures or equipment on your roof, installing these new units will be fast, easy, and leak – free.


If you would like to install a green roofing product that will also help you save on your energy bills, PVC is an excellent choice. PVC roofs are Energy Star rated because they have highly reflective surfaces, which make them cool roof systems. This means that your PVC roof will reflect as much as 80% of the sun’s UV rays. This will translate into a more comfortable environment, lower energy waste, and reduce your annual cooling costs by as much as 20%.

Built-Up Low Sloped Roof Systems

Tar and gravel roofs, also known as built-up roofing or asphalt and gravel roofing protect several buildings with flat or nearly-flat roofs. Tar and gravel roofs are created by applying hot bitumen (Tar) between multiple layers of fiberglass-based asphalt sheeting (Felts).

The surface of the finished roof is coated with a top coat of bitumen and a layer of gravel. The primary purpose of the gravel is to protect the roofing material from the damaging effects of sunlight and abrasion.

The investment required for a built-up (tar and gravel) roof is minimal when evaluated over the life cycle and durability of the installation. Roofs can last between 20 years depending on maintenance and severity of the weather. Tar and gravel roofs have a great reputation with architects, building owners, and engineers.

Metal Roofing Systems

Metal roofing is a preferred alternative for sloped roofs, especially when durability and weather resistance are primary concerns. The different systems are engineered not only to accommodate the slope of a structure’s roof, but to provide pleasing aesthetics, since these roofs are almost always visible to people at street level